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More information about promethazine — teratogenic agent.

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They are usually the drugs that end in zine stellazine, thorazine, promethazine, etc the odd ones are mellaril and haldol.

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Promethazine also blocks the action of acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter that nerves use to communicate with one another, on its receptors anticholinergic effect , and this may explain its benefit in reducing the nausea of motion sickness.

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Epinephrine because of the potential for promethazine hcl to reverse epinephrine s vasopressor effect, epinephrine should not be used to treat hypotension associated with promethazine hcl suppositories overdose.

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Who would inject something like that, especially if promethazine had the slightest colostomy, even when i went to the sea flange all any effect on me.