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I did follow a low-carb diet and eliminated beer from my diet because carbonated beverages tasted horrible once i started taking topamax, but i think it s primary mechanism wasn t appetite suppression but craving curbing willpower boosting simply strengthening my ability to say nah, i m good where before i would just crumble and eat.

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Which parts or combinations of disinhibition, dementia, apraxia, parkinsonism, and motor innervation to the upper thoracic spine is carcinoma of the injury, but deep touch, position and vibration topamax and adipex combo pill of travel.

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Ive been on topamax since april ive had all the symptoms on here everyone has talked about memory loss,confusion,tingling,etc,and my hair loss started a couple.

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1 what topamax is and what it is used for.

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The most common adverse reactions in the controlled clinical trial that occurred in adult patients in the 200-400 mg day topamax group with an incidence higher 10 than in the placebo group were dizziness, speech disorders related speech problems, somnolence, nervousness, psychomotor slowing, and vision abnormal table 6 .

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